Shoe Accessories and Where to Buy Them

Shoe accessories have become a top accessory to have ready for any occasion. These small, yet handy items, give you the ability to transform any shoe into a must have footwear item to wear for all types of occasions.

There are three main types of shoe accessories to consider. Boot chains are quickly becoming a must have fashion statement, enabling you to put your personal touch to your favorite pair of boots, wearing them for work, then clipping on your chains to wear with jeans in the evening.

The boot chains are simple, yet very fashionable and once clipped in place hold on, so you don’t have to worry about them wriggling loose as you dance the night away. The good news is that these shoe accessories don’t cause any damage to the footwear, so when you get home you can unclip them and wear the boots for work the next day without any blemishes or marks to show the clip was in place only hours before.

Another great shoe accessory that is worthwhile having on hand for those special occasions are heel jewels. Heel jewels are spectacular rings of bling that transform your stilettos into the perfect shoe for any occasion. You can take your average, every day stiletto and add some sparkle to the heel; this can add an elegant and sophisticated finish whether you’re wearing a dress or trousers.

Shoe clips are still the most popular shoe accessories available on the market today; they come in a host of different styles, materials, design and colors, enabling you to really add your own personal stamp to your favorite pair of shoes.

Shoe clips can be worn with just about any shoe. They can be clipped in place on the front, side or back of the item to create that perfect finish to any outfit for any occasion. The good news is that they are made to be easy to use and they don’t cause any damage to your footwear, which means you can swap and change your shoe accessories or choose to wear your footwear plain without any concerns.

There are some important factors when purchasing shoe accessories and that is to ensure you only purchase from a reputable company that has extensive experience in this type of product. It is imperative when buying this type of item that you only purchase high quality and enjoy peace of mind that they will not cause any unwelcome damage to your footwear.

When choosing decides on a design that suits your personality and style and that you can wear with a few of your shoe items. This way you can transform your entire shoe closet with ease by placing your shoe clips on the shoe before you walk out the door.

The best place to find shoe accessories is online. Of course when buying online you always have to take special precautions to ensure that you purchase from a reputable and reliable company. Choose a few shoe accessory companies and then do your research, don’t rely on the customer reviews you find on the company website.

Go online and do a search for the company name and then go through the results to put your mind at ease that you are about to buy from a real company with a solid online reputation.

Next go through their delivery information and see how much they charge for delivery, as this will have to be added to the cost of the items you are purchasing. It’s also worthwhile to determine the company’s delivery timeframe, especially if you’re attending a function this week and need your shoe accessories to compliment your wardrobe.

Men’s Fashion – Tips on Being a Well-Dressed Modern Gentleman

Men’s fashion has always been an industry that commands recognition, what the handsome, chiseled models that display the handiwork of some of the world’s best designers and artisans. With the explosion of social media, men from all around the world are now paying even more attention to how they look; seeking to capture the onscreen attraction of models such as David Gandy and Tyson Beckford.

Given that men are spending so much money and time on menswear these days, new companies are springing up to accommodate them. And cater to the fashion requirements of these patrons. As such, the following is to help instruct younger men – older, too – about the basic elements of male fashion.

Elements of Men’s Fashion

Fashion is essentially a style that encompasses the clothing, footwear and accessories you put on; these can be things such as watches, wallets, sun-shades, bracelets and ties. You may find it helpful to check out a few fashion magazines, and jot down a general list of the things you like – put this list in your Smartphone, so you can start acquiring them little-by-little when you go shopping.

Fashion trends are also dependent on the particular occasion; what you wear should depend a lot on whether you’re going to a formal party, wedding, business meeting or some other special function. Even sportswear counts for fashion – you know how good you feel when you’re wearing certain work-out clothing before heading to the gym.

Keep in mind that the major elements of fashion that cannot be overlooked are the fit and comfort. Baggy clothing is mostly out for grown men – your clothes should not be too baggy or too tight once you hit your 20s. There’s even an extent to which you should sacrifice comfort (just a little) to make sure pants and top aren’t too loose. You don’t want to look unkempt! Proper fit enhances your appearance, and the fabric used goes a long way in helping with this attribute – soft cotton vs. polyester, for example.

Oh – and ditch the flashy colors, as a man. Sure; they may catch the lady’s eye; but it isn’t for a good reason, I can assure you. Men are under pressure to look manly (which is a good thing), so this shouldn’t really be a problem. Avoid reds and pinks, please, if you’re looking to attract women. Grays, blues, browns, blacks, silvers, etc, are always good colors to consider when strategically selecting your ensemble to impress.

The Importance of Getting Good Advice From a Boutique

Why would you even consider going this route? Because a shop or boutique that caters exclusively to men’s fashion employs professionals with considerable experience in menswear. They will help you make the right selection.

They can also counsel you on color schemes that you think are good, just because they look good on the store mannequin. The professional will more easily be able to picture how they’ll look on you, depending on your height, complexion, bearing, etc. The style you think you like might just not flatter you in reality – although the end-choice is, of course, yours. Take their experience into consideration when making a selection.

Always pay attention to the cut of the clothing – it makes a huge difference in how it looks on you. Here, more than anywhere else, the professional salesman can be of help.

Men’s fashion can be just as tricky as women’s fashion; but if you pull it off right, your look will dazzle even if it’s understated. Use the expert advice from a professional as your starting point, but don’t compromise your sense of style completely – you’re the one who has to wear the stuff, after all.